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Journey of an AED Foundation Certified Technician

AED’s workforce development approach is a “community-based, school-to-work” model. Research shows that many students want to:

  • a.) attend a college near to home, and
  • b.) work near home when they graduate.

The parents, school counselors and decision-influencers that mostly affect the decision to become an equipment technician are largely local influencers. In turn, AED feels that the most effective recruitment campaigns focus on local task forces pooling efforts and resources toward a common goal: student recruitment. On this page you will find a variety of tools and resources to assist in those recruitment efforts.

The Equipment Industry Technical Workforce: Addressing The Technician Shortage 2017

A College of William & Mary Research Study Commissioned by The AED Foundation

This research study focuses on Career and Technical Education (CTE), one of the main proxies by which skilled technicians receive training to prepare them for the skilled-labor workforce. In the examination of CTE, this report seeks to identify the reasons for the collapse of high school CTE and the resulting effect on the economy. The report also identifies best practices at the secondary (and to a lesser extent, the postsecondary) education level in delivering successful CTE programs. Next, the report provides a detailed overview of CTE funding levels from federal and state sources. Finally, the report identifies key access points at the secondary and postsecondary education levels via individual state “playbooks”; AED members can use these playbooks as guides in contributing to closing the skills gap.

View the report here or by visiting

View the state playbooks here or by visiting

The AED Foundation’s 2016 Workforce Survey Report

The Equipment Industry Technician Shortage: Causes, Impacts and Policy Recommendations
A College of William & Mary Research Study Commissioned by The AED Foundation

There is a skills gap that has profound impacts on businesses, with a variety of factors contributing to its existence. Combating the skills gap involves improving visibility in high schools, developing partnerships amongst stakeholders and improving workforce development programs.

View the report here or by visiting (link is case sensitive).

View the one page report here or by visiting (link is case sensitive).

View the Canadian Perspective report here or by visiting (link is case sensitive).


Technician Recruitment Video

The AED Foundation is working to address our industry’s skills gap, one that is negatively impacting the dealer technician job market. To help, we are encouraging students to pursue the great career opportunities available in the construction equipment industry. Share this video on social media, add it to your website or use it as a recruitment tool to help students and others explore the technician career path.

View the video here.


Tools to Help Recruiting Efforts Video

The AED Foundation wants to provide you with some of the most beneficial tools it has to offer dealerships, schools and potential students in the construction equipment industry. View the video here to see what The AED Foundation has to offer!


Student Career Information Center

Refer students who are exploring career options to this URL:
Here are suggestions and information for exploring careers as Dealer Equipment Technicians, including downloadable PDFs.


Service Technician Position Description

For the recruitment of high-school and post-secondary students into a technician career path:

Click here to download Position Description


Pre-Employment Technical Assessments

AED Technical Assessments can help you assess core technical knowledge of technician applicants, or areas where additional training may be needed.

Call The AED Foundation for more information at 630-574-0650.


AED Equipment Technician Career Path Poster

Refer students who are exploring career options to this “picture” of opportunities for technicians.
This poster gives students a good visual of the career opportunities for dealer equipment technicians. Use in student recruitment efforts: send to schools and high school counselors; refer to it when you talk with students. When you download the poster, you will want to print it in color on 11 X 17 paper.

Click here to download this poster (PDF)


Student Recruitment Brochures – Two Versions

Color PDF file downloads; just take the electronic files to your local printing shop.

Click here to download “Careers in Construction Equipment and Distribution” brochure

Click here to download “Building a Rewarding Career” (Dealer Technician) brochure


Recruitment Guidebook for AED Member Dealers

Guidebook to help develop local strategies and tactics that are effective in recruiting young people/students for careers as equipment technicians.

Click here to download “Dealer Student Recruitment Guidebook” (PDF)


Student Recruitment Program Activity Scorecards

Rate your strategies and tactics in the area of student recruitment; get ideas for new initiatives.

Click here to download AED Dealer Student Recruitment Scorecard (PDF)

Click here to download Technical School Student Recruitment Scorecard (PDF)


Questions for Interviewing Technician Job Applicants

Resource for you to help assess such concerns as: work ethic, ability to work as part of the team, personal characteristics, receptivity to supervision, career goals, and employment history. Note: Your company is solely responsible for ensuring that any job interview questions that you use are in accordance with federal and state law, including EEOC regulations.

Click here to download interview questions (PDF)


AED Accreditation Benefits for Technical College Diesel/Equipment Programs

Why should equipment dealers and technical schools work toward AED Accreditation? This one-page summary gives 12 good reasons.

Click here to download benefits statement (PDF)


National Equipment Industry Technical Standards

AED Foundation Publication: “Standards for Construction Equipment Technology,” developed by the industry. This is an ongoing initiative sponsored by the AED Foundation Technical Training Committee.

Click here to download Standards book (PDF)


Dealer Employment and Loan Scholarship Repayment Agreement Form

Agreement defining both Dealer and Student obligations as to educational assistance provided by Dealers.

Click here to download Agreement (PDF)


Dealer/Student – Technical School Internship Agreement Form

Agreement defining dealer, student and school obligations as to student internships at equipment dealers.

Click here to download Agreement (PDF)

Note pertaining to the above two Agreement forms:

It is your responsibility to consult with an attorney or other expert knowledgeable in the laws of the applicable jurisdiction and the specific intended use of that information and/or those documents. You understand that information and/or documents available from this Web site are general in nature, and are not based on the laws of any specific state or other jurisdiction.

Employment Guide and Resource Links


U.S. Department of Labor Employment Law Guide

A free publication that assists businesses to understand their rights and responsibilities under major Federal employment laws.

Click Here


OSHA Small Business Handbook

A guide to meeting legal requirements for compliance as specified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Federal government information is provided: rules and regulations, safety and security, facts and research, federal contacts, and registration and licensing. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is focused on reducing crashes, injuries, and fatalities involving large trucks and buses.

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