Online Access for AED Technical Assessments

Access to all AED Assessment company online Admin Areas are available below:

Click Here

To utilize AED Technical Assessments, contact The AED Foundation and ask that an individual online Admin Area be set up for you. You will be sent information and instructions about access and use of the system via email including your username and password. Of course, feel free to contact Foundation anytime should you have questions.

Please note:

  • To ensure the integrity and security of the assessment questions and the test-taking process, only the test-takers are permitted by AED to access and/or take the assessment online. Questions are not available for review. Copying, recording and/or archival of questions and answers from the AED assessments system in any manner via the testing portal, as well as receipt and/or distribution of that information, is a serious violation of AED’s copyright and purchase terms and conditions, as agreed to by the customer at time of purchase.
  • The aforementioned restricted test access is common practice for these types of tests. It is the only way to ensure that test content stays out of the public domain, and the assessment remains a valid measure.
  • The above emphasizes the need for your company to be extremely careful as to who in your company has the login/password for your Admin Area. Only a limited number of people, those directly connected with the testing, should have access to them.