Online Access for AED Technical Assessments

For Pre-Hire and Employed Service Technicians – English and Spanish

We encourage you to explore how AED Foundation Technical Assessments can benefit your technician hiring and evaluation process. Once your company’s online assessments admin area is set up by Foundation staff, tests can be ordered conveniently by credit card. If you would like more information about or wish to evaluate Technical Assessments, please contact The AED Foundation at 630-574-0650.


  • Members can evaluate technical knowledge of pre-hire job applicants.
  • Members can evaluate knowledge of employed technicians to identify areas where training is needed.
  • The entire technical assessment process is online, from ordering and test-taking, to results reporting.
  • Each customer company receives its own online login/password protected Admin Area, where all assessment processes, from ordering to retrieving test results can be conveniently managed 24/7.
  • A variety of reports, including benchmarking reports, can be accessed via the admin area.
  • All test results are archived in the Assessment Database to be retrieved any time.
  • Assessments are available in both English and Spanish


  • AED Foundation Accredited and Recognized Schools: $60.00 each; Any Other School: $200.00 each
  • AED members: US$100.00 each; Non-AED members: US$300.00 each


  • Assessment questions were created by a task force of 24 equipment technical experts broadly representing AED dealers, equipment manufacturers and technical colleges with equipment programs.
  • The Assessment is aligned with AED National Construction Equipment Technical Standards that are now in their 9th edition. The “Standards” have been developed and updated by task forces with representatives from dealers, equipment manufacturers and technical colleges.
  • The 160 questions evaluate current and future technicians’ knowledge in the subject areas of diesel engine, power trains, electric/electronics, A/C and heating, hydraulics/hydrostatics, and safety/administration. These are the six key subject areas in AED’s national technical standards.
  • After completing the 120-minute timed assessment, each test-taker receives a “percent-correct” score for each of the above subject areas, 20 sub-categories and an overall score.