Stackable Credentials

What are Stackable Credentials? 

The AED Foundation’s Stackable Credentials Program is designed for high school students interested in obtaining the foundational knowledge needed to begin on the pathway to a career in the equipment industry. 

Stackable credentials consist of a way to educate students with online courses that build upon one another. The goal with stackable credentials is to allow students to learn industry fundamentals early on, helping them to grow into highly competent industry technicians, and in turn helping to reduce the workforce shortage. 

Stackable credentials were created as a way for high school students to receive an introduction to The AED Foundation’s core competencies. These core competencies are later mastered in AEDFaccredited college programs where students can become Certified Technicians. Stackable credentials build up students’ technical knowledge and help ready them for their careers in the industry. 

The foundation is offering two new stackable credentials programs on electronics and safety. Each program can be purchased individually for $75.00 and accessed on an on-demand basis.

Why Complete a Stackable Credentials Program? 

Students who complete AEDF’s stackable credentials show employers that they take their education seriously. No matter what route students decide to choose, earning stackable credentials offers more flexibility and opportunity within their career path. Students gaining more knowledge from an early stage helps them succeed while supplementing the material they are learning in school. In addition, dealers can benefit from hiring a student that stands out from the crowd with these credentials. 

Where Can I Find AEDF’s Stackable Programs? 

Find AEDF’s available stackable credentials programs here. 

To learn more about AEDF’s stackable credentials program, find a detailed blog post here. For any questions about stackable credentials, contact the Foundation’s Vice President of Education and Programming, Liz McCabe, at 

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