Technical Tests

Explore how AED Foundation Technical Tests will improve your technician hiring,evaluation, and retention process. Once your company establishes a coordinator , tests can be ordered conveniently by credit card. If you would like more information about or wish to evaluate Technical Tests, please contact The AED Foundation at 630-574-0650.


  • Members can evaluate technical knowledge of pre-hire job applicants. 
  • Members can evaluate knowledge of employed technicians to identify areas where training is needed via detailed, individual reports in each technical standard 
  • The entire technical test process is online, from ordering and test-taking, to results reporting. 
  • Your company   is assigned  an online login/password protected data retrieval portal, where you will access individualized and organizational reporting data.  This is where you order, retrieve results, and have 24/7 access to all processes.  
  • Benchmarking reports, are  accessible via the admin area. 
  • All test results are archived in the test database to be retrieved any time. 
  • Tests are available in both English and Spanish. 


  • Accredited and recognized Schools: $60.00 per test; nonaffliated schools: $100.00 per test 
  • All other organizations: $100.00 per test  


  • Test questions were created by a task force of 24 equipment technical experts broadly representing AED dealers, equipment manufacturers and technical colleges with equipment programs. 
  • The test is aligned with AED National Construction Equipment Technical Standards that are now in their 9th edition. The “Standards” have been developed and updated by task forces with representatives from dealers, equipment manufacturers and technical colleges. 
  • The 160 questions evaluate current and future technicians’ knowledge in the subject areas of diesel engine, power trains, electric/electronics, A/C and heating, hydraulics/hydrostatics, and safety/administration. These are the six key subject areas in AED’s national technical standards. 
  • After completing the 120-minute timed test, each test-taker receives a “percent-correct” score for each of the above subject areas, 20 sub-categories and an overall score. 

What are the benefits of technical tests? 

Technical testing provides benefits to dealers and technicians interested in furthering their skill set. Dealers can gauge a technician’s knowledge and identify areas of strengths and weaknesses through AEDF’s Technical Test. The results offer a clear depiction of the areas a technician excels in and what areas need improving. Dealers save time and money on training by using AEDF’s testing tool pre-hire to determine if an applicant is the right fit for the position, and then training to focus on weaker areas. Technicians can feel confident that they are taking the steps needed to become a well-rounded, knowledgeable employee by identifying the areas they need to improve upon. 

How does technical testing fit into AEDF’s Vision 2025 goal? 

The AED Foundation (AEDF) strongly believes in continuous learning and education for technicians to help dealers ensure top quality performance and open up new growth opportunities. As part of Vision 2025 ) the Foundation plans to administer 10,000 tests and certify 5,000 technicians. To facilitate this goal, AEDF is happy to offer testing and certifications for technicians to demonstrate their abilities. The Foundation’s testing is used to measure a technician’s knowledge before hiring and helps determines the strengths and weaknesses of current technicians employed at your dealership. Offering your technicians, the opportunity to evaluate their skills and gain a certification displays commitment to their growth and career development 

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