Knapheide Technicians of the Year Award

What is the Knapheide Technicians of the Year Award? 

The AED Foundation’s – Knapheide Technicians of the Year is our effort to recognize the leading technicians of the industry. New in 2019, these awards are an important way to recognize top performers from regions across North America. 

Who are the winners for 2020? 

  • Jordan Baker – Canada | SMS Equipment
  • Landon Caughey – Great Lakes | General Equipment & Supplies
  • Jeremy Clark – Southeast | Linder Industrial Machinery Company 
  • Tom Mader – Northeast | Highway Equipment & Supply Co.
  • Eugene Polasek – South Central | Hlavinka Equipment Co. 
  • Christopher Reyes – West | Cashman Equipment Company
  • Kent Steinmetz – Midwest | Bobcat Enterprises, Inc. 

Hear from a past winner! 

Watch our video for a message from a 2019 award winner Clayton Kennon, a Heavy Equipment Technician from SMS Equipment.