The AED Foundation enhances the success of member companies by encouraging continuous learning, by providing educational opportunities for today’s employees, and by improving the availability and quality of equipment industry employees in the future. This is being accomplished in the following areas:


The AED Foundation accredits postsecondary equipment technology programs and recognizes high school diesel technology programs, ensuring a sustainable pipeline of qualified technicians.


The AED Foundation actively promotes rewarding career opportunities available in the equipment distribution industry. The AED Foundation programs offer not just job training but long-term career pathways and continuing education. To effectively address the technician shortage and the industry’s image, it is essential to continuously build industry awareness among students, parents, educators, and other stakeholders.


The AED Foundation is the leading organization funding industry-specific research to advance the importance of workforce development, and it shares that data with legislators, educators, the media, and other stakeholders. Research is critical because it helps quantify the challenges the equipment industry faces and allows The AED Foundation to leverage the industry’s influence to drive meaningful change and track emerging trends.