AED Career Aptitude Test

Since the launch of The AED Foundation’s (AEDF) free Career Aptitude Test in September of 2020, over hundreds of students have completed the test. AEDF’s Career Aptitude Test aims towards students aged 13-17 or anyone who is interested in the heavy equipment industry or industry-related topics to gauge their knowledge. The free, 50 question test helps determine students’ strengths and weaknesses before pursuing a career in the industry.   

The test includes 50 questions on a variety of topics, including:

  • Measurement
  • General mathematics
  • Safety
  • Mechanical reasoning
  • Basic electrical
  • Hydraulics
  • Engine systems

Students interested in any of these topics are encouraged to take the test to see how they score in each category. With the results immediately available after completion, it is quick and easy for students to test their industry skillset.  In addition, this test provides valuable benchmarking data for instructors.

Students can take the test at To sign up for an account, head to and use voucher code 6HN8894P. For help getting your account set up, watch our instructional video here.  

For more information on the Foundation’s Career Aptitude Test, please contact program coordinator, Jahnisi Aymerich, at  

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