Vision 2025

The equipment distribution industry is still facing a daunting deficit of skilled workers in the industry. The AED Foundation is challenging AED members to help create a strong and robust pipeline of skilled workers within the next four years through its new project, Vision 2025.

Vision 2025 has three areas of focus, which include schools with heavy equipment technology programs, students within these programs and AED dealer members. Within these focuses, The AED Foundation is aiming to reach the following goals by 2025:

100 accredited college programs

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150 recognized high schools

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10,000 skilled technicians entering the workforce

500 certified managers

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5,000 AED Foundation Certified Technicians

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By hitting these benchmarks, The AED Foundation strongly believes there will be a large number of workers already in the industry who are willing and able to take on more significant roles.  Also, these tools and programs create a pipeline for the next generation of qualified technicians coming into the industry.

The AED Foundation believes that through this project, it will continue to come closer to its mission to addresses professional education and workforce development and bring more awareness to the benefits available for equipment distributors.


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