Industry Testing

The Foundation offers various testing options to individuals of all ages who are interested in the equipment industry. Two options are available at the high school level, including the Construction Career Aptitude Test and the High School Certification Test.

The Technical Assessment Test and the Certified Technician Test are for individuals who are already technicians or are in the process of becoming a technician. Technical Assessment Tests are often utilized by dealerships as a screening method for candidates during the hiring process. This ensures that the individual is adequately qualified for the technician position they are applying for. The Certified Technician Test can be taken by individuals who want to earn an industry-recognized certification that demonstrates a commitment to their role and meets industry standards.

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AED Career Aptitude Test (Free)

AEDF’s Career Aptitude Test aims towards students aged 13-17 who are interested in the heavy equipment industry or industry-related topics to gauge their knowledge. The 50 question test helps students determine their strengths and weaknesses before pursuing a career in the industry.  All completed tests are routed to AED’s accredited schools as well as local dealers.


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AED High School Certification Test ($30)

The AED Foundation’s High School Certification Test is an end-of-program fundamental assessment that evaluates technical knowledge of pre-hire applicants and employed technicians in the heavy equipment industry upon high school graduation. The primary function of the test is to ensure industry standards are upheld by our members, schools, and partners by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of graduating high school seniors in the six core competencies: Powertrains, Diesel engines, HVAC, Hydraulics/hydrostatics, Electrical and Safety/administrative processes.


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AED Foundation Technical Assessment & Industry Certified Technician ($100 for Dealers)

Explore how AED Foundation Assessment & Industry Certified Technician will improve your technician hiring, evaluation, and retention process. Once your company establishes a coordinator, tests can be ordered conveniently by credit card. If you would like more information, please contact The AED Foundation at 630-574-0650.


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AED Foundation Technical Assessment & Industry Certified Technician ($60 for Schools)

The AED Foundation Technician Assessment allows technicians to earn a professional industry certification by successfully passing an online technical assessment. The benefits of becoming AED Foundation Certified include: 

  • Showing your professional commitment 
  • Earning recognition for yourself, your dealership and from your peers 
  • Demonstrating that your skills fully align with The AED Foundation’s industry-developed technical standards 
  • Proving you can complete equipment repairs properly the first time 
  • Investing in your career 


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