AED Technical Assessments are available for: a.) pre-hire technician testing, and b.) identifying areas of needed training for current employees. The test consists of 160 questions and measures core technical knowledge in the areas of: diesel engines, hydraulics/hydrostatics, electrical/electronics, power trains, A/C and heating, and safety/administration. A separate score is provided for each of these six areas, as well as an overall score. Questions were developed by a task force of industry technical experts with representation from equipment dealers, manufacturers and technical colleges.

The Assessments are available in both English and Spanish, and the system does have pre-test capabilities. The questions in the English and Spanish test versions are identical within the limits of translation. Questions are fully aligned with AED’s national technical standards as stated in the publication “Standards for Construction Equipment Technology.” Assessments are delivered via a fully automated online system that provides access 24/7. Each company or school user has their own unique password-protected online Admin Area from where they manage all aspects of the testing process: from orders, to receipt of passwords, to test delivery, to retrieving results, to performing benchmarking analyses.

Any individual company can only access their own assessment results. Test results are available only to authorized company personnel who have the requisite Admin Area username/password information. Benchmarking data is only available as collective data, aggregated in specific user-defined “buckets.”

Such testing provides:

  • Validation of past learning
  • A vehicle for continuous improvement as to technician knowledge
  • Bench-marking capabilities based on user selected criteria.

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