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Discover the Benefits of The AED Foundation’s Accredited College Programs

The Foundation’s accredited college programs offer students quality education that has been thoroughly assessed and adapted to meet AEDF’s industry-recognized standards. The AED Foundation has developed this program and accredited schools across the country to ensure students have exceptional training and education. Upon completion, students receive a certificate and the title of an AEDF Certified Technician, an essential indicator for dealers that the technician has completed training that aligns with industry standards and expectations. Students in AEDF’s recognized high school programs are required to go through both classroom and hands-on training and complete the AEDF Certified Technician Test at the end of the course to prove their retention and understanding of their training.   

As part of Vision 2025, the Foundation aims to accredit 100 college programs across North America by 2025. This milestone will create more opportunities for students interested in entering the equipment industry, in turn, developing an increase in qualified and AEDF Certified Technicians within the workforce. Certified Technicians’ esteemed education and training add value to the dealership they are hired at and provide the technician with an impressive credential and refined technical skills upon graduation.   

Not only does a student enrolled in an accredited program avoid the steep costs of tuition from the typical four-year college route, they also have an opportunity to apply for a $2,000 AEDF scholarship. The scholarship, which has been generously granted by The Caterpillar Foundation, makes the program even more affordable for students.   


How AEDF Accredited College Programs Can Benefit Your Dealership

The AED Foundation’s (AEDF) accreditation program offers students the opportunity to become AEDF Certified Technicians upon graduation, an industry-recognized credential that is just the start of a promising career. 

Through the Foundation’s efforts to accredit college programs, effectively helping to reduce the workforce shortage, dealers will find that they have more candidates to choose from who have received extensive training. As the Foundation continues to work to broaden its student-reach by additional accredited programs, dealers in North America are met with the opportunity to hire a top-tier applicant to be a part of their organization. 

The AEDF certification directly communicates the intensive education and training that the technician has been through to complete their schooling. Accredited programs are required to be re-evaluated every five years to ensure they continue to meet the Foundation’s rigorous standards. Upon completion, certified technicians have the experience and expertise needed to begin their industry careers. 

Hiring AEDF Certified Technicians shows your commitment to your customers and the quality of work and effectiveness that your dealership displays. Customers can recognize the technicians’ hard-earned title and feel assured that their equipment is receiving unmatched service quality. One AEDF Certified Technician can bring in $250,000 to the dealership. This produces long-term financial excess for dealers, making certifying a technician a worthy investment to dealers. 

Through accredited college programs, The AED Foundation is working to build a brighter future for industry dealers and technicians. Read more about how accreditation benefits dealers here:

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DO YOU KNOW about The AED Foundation Accreditation and Recognition for college and high school equipment technology programs? 

  1. Before launching The AED Foundation’s accreditation program, no other non-OEM industry accreditation or certification program was available for college degree or high school programs in diesel/equipment technology. 
  2. Our accreditation program facilitates relationships between AED member dealers, AED Foundation Accredited and Recognized schools, and the broader industry. A unified effort makes participants more effective in addressing industry challenges. 
  3. AED Foundation Accreditation validates that applicant colleges offer high-quality degree programs that provide effective and comprehensive instruction in safety/administration, electrical/electronics, hydraulics/hydrostatics, power trains, diesel engines & fuel systems, and A/C & heating. 
  4. All schools must apply for re-accreditation every five years. 
  5. AED Foundation Accreditation is an avenue that helps dealers proactively manage and meet their future needs for qualified entry-level technicians. 


Are You Looking for an AED Foundation Accredited School Program Near You?

The AED Foundation has put an increased focus on expanding its number of accredited college programs because this is the best way to build a sustainable pipeline of qualified technicians.  

The AED Foundation continues to speed up the process to accredit by doing the following: 

  • Recruiting additional Evaluation Team Leaders (ETLs)
  • Working collaboratively with schools to solve equipment and other material resources needs
  • Assisting schools to develop a curriculum that meets The AED Foundation’s technical standards

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