Whether you’re looking to grow within a current role or aspire to enter a management position, The AED Foundation (AEDF) offers resources to help you develop knowledge fundamental to your success. Whatever the next step in your career path looks like, AEDF’s self-study courses can help you stand out from the crowd and display your commitment to continuous learning and improvement. Self-study courses can be taken individually to work on a particular subject, or as a bundle to complete one of the Foundation’s Certified Manager Programs (CMP).   

Self-study courses are an ideal option in today’s world, as they can be taken according to your schedule. Whether you’re willing to put in the time to complete a course bundle expediently, or would prefer to take time finishing courses, you can work at your own pace. A course bundle, AEDF’s Certified Manager Program, can be completed in less time than it takes to finish a semester of college, meaning you can get a step closer to your career goals in a matter of months.   

All courses are completed online, making it easy to earn a certification from the comfort of your own home or office. From the course material to the final certification test, participants looking to level up their careers can earn this certification from anywhere.   

The CMP is ideal for industry professionals seeking professional development and recognition from peers. After completing the program, the certification can be utilized to demonstrate their dedication to building skills that will last a lifetime.   

The Foundation understands that there are various management positions within the dealerships and hopes to assist all management areas in helping the dealership and its employees succeed. The self-study courses that are available are as diverse as the management roles within your dealership, including certified manager programs focused on:   

Why participate in our online self-study programs? 

  • Flexibility – Unlike other programs, online self-study courses can be completed on your own time and at your own pace. Register for a single course or a certified manager program package.  
  • Cost-effective – Self-study program packages include all required courses and the final certification test. This allows the Foundation to keep prices competitive while you can avoid paying for travel. 
  • Retention – Investing in your employees’ education is a proven way to increase retention and job satisfaction. 
  • Content – Program content is tailored to meet the unique needs of managers across the dealership and includes targeted instruction for parts, service, rental, sales, and branch managers. 
  • Productivity – Operational courses teach managers how they can increase efficiencies in processes, which leads to increased production and better overall financial performance.  
  • Certification – Participants can earn the distinction of being an AEDF Certified Manager, as well as recognition among industry peers.

Whatever your management goals may be, AEDF’s self-study courses will offer the education to help you progress through your career. For more information on The AED Foundation’s self-study courses, please contact AEDF’s Vice President of Education and Programming, Liz McCabe, at