Dealer Learning Center

Are you feeling stuck in your career? Are you looking to learn more about a specific area within your dealership? Look no further than The AED Foundation’s Dealer Learning Center. There is bound to be something for everyone with access to industry-specific webinars, educational programs for management tracks, and certification testing. 


Dealer Learning Center




Getting Started

Upon entering the learning center, users are prompted to choose AED Technical Test Exams or General AED Education Content. After selecting their preferred destination,users should then click the “Login” button and either create an account or enter existing login credentials. Once signed in, all AED educational content can be accessed! 


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Technical Tests 

  • Evaluate technical knowledge of pre-hire job applicants or currently employed technicians 
  • The entire AED Foundation technical test process is online, from ordering and test-taking to results reporting.  
  • Technical tests are available in the test database to be retrieved at any time.  
  • Assessments are available in English and Spanish. 


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General Educational Content  

Industry-Specific Webinars 

Enhance your professional growth by registering for our live or on-demand webinars. Topics include training in HR, Parts and Service, Sales, Finance, Rental and more! All webinars are presented by industry experts.  

Management Certification Programs  

The AED Foundation’s comprehensive management certification programs offer a blended curriculum of leadership and operational coursework to give managers the tools they need to succeed.  

Certified management tracks include:  

Self-Study Courses 

Sharpen your craft by taking an advanced course in the area you specialize in, learn the inner workings of a department you’re not familiar with or start training for the job you want in your dealership. 


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Need assistance accessing the new dealer learning center? Contact Liz McCabe at 630-468-5132 or 

Need to create Username/Password? First time logging in? Do not think you have a profile? Contact a staff member at for additional assistance.