Onsite Education

You can bring The AED Foundation’s operational, financial and management educational programs straight to your organization! The AED Foundation wants you to be able to take advantage of the educational offerings it provides in a format that fits and benefits you, your company and your colleagues.

Whether you’re interested in branch, parts, service, rental or a variety of other options, we can create a program that can be specifically applied to your company.

Why should you use The AED Foundation’s onsite education programs?

  1. The content of these programs will be customized to help with your company’s specific challenges and objectives.
  2. The AED Foundation has a bench of experts who have hands-on, practical experiences to share with those going through the program. The programs are highly interactive with discussions, group exercises, best-practices and much more.
  3. Since content is specifically focused towards your business, employees will be more involved, more likely to apply what they learn, and creating more consistent practices in your departments.
  4. When The AED Foundation doesn’t incur production expenses associated with the venue space and other off-site expenses, the savings can be passed directly to your organization. Organizations typically see savings in the ranges of 20 to 40 percent.
  5. Bringing these courses to you means little to no traveling for your team, saving you money and making the program more affordable! No travel reduces time away from job responsibilities, improving productivity and minimizing lost opportunity costs that might be missed when employees are away.

Interested in learning more?

If you are interested in learning more about an onsite solution to improve your business, please reach out to The AED Foundation’s Vice President of Business Development Cory Hayes at chayes@aednet.org or 630-524-3138 or your regional manager.