Suggestions for Exploring the Dealer Equipment Technician Career Opportunity

  • Contact and visit one or more construction equipment dealers who are members of AED to learn more about a career as a construction equipment technician.
  • Ask to talk personally with dealer service technicians; the people that are actually in the career you are exploring. Listen to what they have to say about the job and the career. Ask for their advice as to preparations for a technician career.
  • Ask to talk personally with business owners or senior executives, human resource managers and/or dealer service managers, in other words, the people that are actually doing the hiring. Ask them about the job and what they look for in candidates for technician positions. Ask how to best prepare for that career path. You may even be able to spend a day shadowing/watching a technician on-the-job and get that real world perspective.
  • Contact and visit one or more AED Accredited/Affiliated technical colleges, or other technical schools, with programs in heavy construction equipment and diesel technology. Be sure to talk to the department head or an instructor, and get a tour of the program facilities. Learn what those schools have to offer, how their programs can benefit you, how and when to apply for admission, and how and when to apply for financial aid.
  • When you are making these dealer and school contacts, you should inquire about scholarships, loans, internships, work/study programs, mentor programs, dealer-student sponsorships, employer tuition payment agreements and other similar student financial opportunities.
  • You are now looking at your career options. A career as a construction equipment technician sounds exciting, but you have a number of questions. Does that describe what you’re thinking right now? Remember, you won’t find your answers until you explore the possibilities. Just do it!

To download a list of AED Accredited/Affiliated technical schools with contacts:

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