The AED Foundation Knows Good…

The AED Foundation Knows Good Bourbon! 

The AED Foundation (AEDF) wants to help our members succeed by providing resources and education however we can…and today, we are doing so by treating our members to a National Bourbon Day celebration! 

In honor of National Bourbon Day, AEDF is filling our social media pages with fun facts, bourbon cocktail recipes, and a bourbon giveaway! This is a great opportunity for AED members to get involved with the Foundation on social media. AEDF regularly posts important updates and information on current projects that are being worked on, and you might even have a chance at winning some free bourbon! 

Fast Facts about Bourbon: 

  • 95% of bourbon is made in Kentucky. 
  • In 2018, Kentucky had 68 bourbon distilleries, a 250% increase from 2009! 
  • For a whiskey to qualify as bourbon, it must be made in the United States, and be made of at least 51%, but no more than 71% corn. 
  • In 1964, Congress declared that bourbon is the United States’ only native spirit.

Interested in learning more about bourbon? Try out one of these documentaries! 

  • Neat: The Story of Bourbon (2018) 
  • Straight Up: Kentucky Bourbon (2018) 

Check us out on social media to discover more fun facts, our “signature” cocktail recipes, and of course, our bourbon giveaway! 

The AED Foundation is celebrating National Bourbon Day to not only engage in the fun and excitement of a giveaway of one of our favorite whiskies, but to spread the word of our Vision 2025 campaign. The Foundation’s goal with this campaign has been to put a fun twist on an important focus of ours in the coming years. Today’s content is not only about bourbon, but about Vision 2025 as well. Look for our Foundation-related cocktail names on social media, along with facts about Vision 2025 and AEDF in the descriptions! The Foundation hopes to bring awareness to its goals that will benefit the industry as a whole, while offering our members a fun contest to participate in! 

Vision 2025 is The AED Foundation’s solution to address the workforce shortage. By involving students, schools, and dealer members, the Foundation has developed a plan that will create a steady and sustainable pipeline of qualified technicians into the workforce for years to come. To learn more about Vision 2025, click here.