How Can Technical Testing Help Your Dealership to Succeed?

The hiring process can be challenging in any industry. Taking on a new employee often means training, paperwork and a level of risk if the employee doesn’t end up being a good fit. In the equipment industry, it can be difficult to fully understand a technician’s skill level before hiring them onto your team. The AED Foundation’s (AEDF) technical test offers a solution to dealers and other organizations who want to test a candidate’s knowledge before they commit to hiring them on as an employee. 

For $100 ($200 for non-members) your organization can determine if a technician will be the right fit for your business with a technical test. Utilizing this test before hiring on new employees saves businesses lots of time and money in the long run, as they can be sure the candidate is qualified for the position.  

The test consists of 160 questions that are based on the Foundation’s six core competencies. Technical tests are completed online, making them a convenient option that is easily accessible. Not only is the test easy to navigate, but the questions were designed by a reputable task force that included a group of 24 equipment technical experts, with individuals who represent AED dealer members and equipment manufacturers. 

This test isn’t just ideal for technician candidates, it can help your current team grow as well! Providing your technicians with the opportunity to take the test can help you both to develop better insight on their strengths and weaknesses. This information can help you work together towards bettering their skills, which can improve your dealership’s profits in the long run and strengthen the relationship with your employees. 

Find out more about the technical test and how to purchase here. 

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An Overview of AEDF’s Technical Tests  

 The AED Foundation’s technical test opportunities are ideal for pre-screening technician applicants at your dealership. As an AED member, you can test applicants to measure their proficiency in industry topics for just $100 per test ($200 for non-members). The test includes 160 questions based on the Foundation’s six core competencies, including:

  • Diesel Engines
  • Powertrains
  • Electric/Electronics
  • A/C and Heating
  • Hydraulics/Hydrostatics
  • Safety/Administration

These questions are updated as industry technology improves and is based on AEDF’s National Construction Equipment Technical Standards, currently in its 9th edition. Representatives from dealers, equipment manufacturers and technical colleges have collaborated on task forces to update these “Standards.”  


Test-takers have 120 minutes to complete the test, which can be easily taken online. A proctor is required to be virtually present for the duration of the test, ensuring test integrity. Upon completion, test results and benchmarking data are immediately available to your organization. This information helps dealers to identify an applicant’s strengths and weaknesses in the skills necessary to succeed at their dealership.


By purchasing AEDF’s technical tests for technician applicants, your dealership knows ahead of time whether a candidate is the right fit. AED dealer members have found that this saves both time and money in the long run, as they no longer worry about hiring a candidate that falls short of expectations. These tests can also be used to evaluate current employees to recognize where they may need improvement.  


Is your organization considering purchasing a technical test? Head to for more information. For technical testing questions, contact us at 630-574-0650 or reach out to the Vice President of Education and Programming , Liz McCabe, at


Vision 2025 & Certifying 5,000 Technicians: How Will We Get There

The AED Foundation’s (AEDF) Vision 2025 campaign (previously Vision 2024) has multiple goals, but this campaign’s primary focus is to reduce the workforce shortage that currently impacts the industry. The AED Foundation plans to combat this by certifying 5,000 technicians by 2025. The Foundation is working to achieve this goal through college accreditation, scholarship opportunities, technician certification, and social media outreach.

College accreditation plays a significant role in certifying technicians. The AED Foundation has been continuously working with college programs across North America to help them become accredited. Students who attend an accredited college program are educated in AEDF’s six core competencies over two years. Upon completion of the program, these students earn the title of Certified AEDF Technician.

The AED Foundation is currently awarding scholarships, which were generously granted by the Caterpillar Foundation, to high school students interested in attending an accredited college program. Students can earn $2,000 towards their education at an accredited college as they train to become certified technicians, with no prior industry experience necessary. The first portion of the application, which takes less than five minutes to complete, can be accessed here. The Foundation hopes that this scholarship opportunity will encourage more students to consider an industry career.

Certification isn’t limited to accredited programs; technicians who are already working at a dealership, or are seeking new opportunities, can enter the Foundation’s Certified Technician Program. Earning a certificate through this program helps candidates and current employees stand out from their peers. Dealers often choose to certify their technicians as it is a sign of excellence to display to customers.

In addition to these efforts, the Foundation promotes certification and Vision 2025 on our social media platforms. Throughout November 2020, the Foundation has provided blog posts, social media posts and press releases on the topic of technician certification. AEDF hopes to attract aspiring or current technicians to become certified technicians with these promotional materials.

For questions regarding technician certification, please contact the Vice President of Education and Programming Liz McCabe at