Technical Testing and Certifications as Part of Our Vision 2025 Goal

The AED Foundation (AEDF) strongly believes in continuous learning and education for technicians to help dealers ensure top quality performance and open up new growth opportunities. As part of Vision 2025 ) the Foundation plans to administer 10,000 tests and certify 5,000 technicians. To facilitate this goalAEDF is happy to offer testing and certifications for technicians to demonstrate their abilities. The Foundation’s testing is used to measure a technician’s knowledge before hiring and helps determines the strengths and weaknesses of current technicians employed at your dealership. Offering your technicians, the opportunity to evaluate their skills and gain a certification displays commitment to their growth and career development. 

 Technical testing provides benefits to dealers and technicians interested in furthering their skill set. Dealers can gauge a technician’s knowledge and identify areas of strengths and weaknesses through AEDF’s Technical Test. The results offer a clear depiction of what areas a technician excels and what areas need improving. Dealers save time and money on training by using AEDF’s testing tool pre-hire to determine if an applicant is the right fit for the position, and then training to focus on weaker areas. Technicians can feel confident that they are taking the steps needed to become a well-rounded, knowledgeable employee by identifying the areas they need to improve upon. Testing costs are regularly $100 for members, but The AED Foundation is offering a limited time discount of 25% for dealers now through July 14. 

The AED Foundation’s Certified Technician Program  ensures that technicians are highly qualified to perform effectively at a dealership. AEDF’s certification shows dealers and customers that a technician meets an industry recognized standard. The AED Foundation is proud to recognize technicians and dealerships whenever a technician completes the program. Certification displays that technicians meet an industry recognized standard. Customers of dealerships with certified technicians can be assured that technicians are the top tier in the entire industry. 

Beginning in August, AEDF will offer its new aptitude test for students age 13-16. The aptitude test has been designed to create a benchmark for both student and dealer awareness.  The test helps gauge students’ knowledge before entering a recognized high school program or accredited college program. With this additional testing, instructors can familiarize themselves with student capabilities before they begin the program and can focus on general weak points to ensure students are up to speed. 

The AED Foundation Knows Good…

The AED Foundation Knows Good Bourbon! 

The AED Foundation (AEDF) wants to help our members succeed by providing resources and education however we can…and today, we are doing so by treating our members to a National Bourbon Day celebration! 

In honor of National Bourbon Day, AEDF is filling our social media pages with fun facts, bourbon cocktail recipes, and a bourbon giveaway! This is a great opportunity for AED members to get involved with the Foundation on social media. AEDF regularly posts important updates and information on current projects that are being worked on, and you might even have a chance at winning some free bourbon! 

Fast Facts about Bourbon: 

  • 95% of bourbon is made in Kentucky. 
  • In 2018, Kentucky had 68 bourbon distilleries, a 250% increase from 2009! 
  • For a whiskey to qualify as bourbon, it must be made in the United States, and be made of at least 51%, but no more than 71% corn. 
  • In 1964, Congress declared that bourbon is the United States’ only native spirit.

Interested in learning more about bourbon? Try out one of these documentaries! 

  • Neat: The Story of Bourbon (2018) 
  • Straight Up: Kentucky Bourbon (2018) 

Check us out on social media to discover more fun facts, our “signature” cocktail recipes, and of course, our bourbon giveaway! 

The AED Foundation is celebrating National Bourbon Day to not only engage in the fun and excitement of a giveaway of one of our favorite whiskies, but to spread the word of our Vision 2025 campaign. The Foundation’s goal with this campaign has been to put a fun twist on an important focus of ours in the coming years. Today’s content is not only about bourbon, but about Vision 2025 as well. Look for our Foundation-related cocktail names on social media, along with facts about Vision 2025 and AEDF in the descriptions! The Foundation hopes to bring awareness to its goals that will benefit the industry as a whole, while offering our members a fun contest to participate in! 

Vision 2025 is The AED Foundation’s solution to address the workforce shortage. By involving students, schools, and dealer members, the Foundation has developed a plan that will create a steady and sustainable pipeline of qualified technicians into the workforce for years to come. To learn more about Vision 2025, click here. 

We’ve seen the issues. We’ve heard the Issues. This is our Solution: Vision 2025

Addressing the technician workforce shortage is something that The AED Foundation (AEDF) understands needs to be taken seriously. Vision 2025 is AEDF’s plan of action to fight these issues and establish a brighter future for our industry. With the efforts of students, schools and dealer members, the Foundation can diminish the workforce shortage that the industry is currently experiencing.

Three primary focuses of this plan include students, schools and dealers. Vision 2025 will reach:

  • 100 accredited college programs
  • 50 recognized high school programs
  • 10,000 skilled technicians entering the workforce
  • 500 Certified Managers
  • 10,000 Tests Administered
  • 5,000 Certified Technicians

Reaching these benchmarks will help to transform the industry by creating a pipeline of skilled technicians that will feed into the workforce.

The AED Foundation plans to double the number of accredited college programs and recognized high school programs.  This will ensure students receive quality education and training that will prepare them for their future. The only accreditation program in the industry, AED Foundation accreditation offers students an esteemed education and ensures dealers that they are hiring qualified employees. With this, Vision 2025 will add more technicians to the applicant pool and ensure that they’re the most qualified in the industry.

In addition to our school programs, Vision 2025 will propel the industry forward with the addition of 500 certified managers to the workforce.  The AED Foundation offers Certified Manager Programs (CMP) online to enhance employee skills in various dealership area. The Foundation provides these programs for those interested in career advancement opportunities, and doing so allows them to get the education and certifications that they desire from the designated program of their choosing.

AEDF is offering dealers and schools to technical testing opportunities for students and employees on their knowledge. Technical testing is also included in the AEDF’s Certified Technician Program and both are essential to our Vision 2025 goal. Testing provides insight to student and employee understanding, while the Certified Technician Program establishes employee excellence and allows dealers as well as technicians to be recognized.

The Foundation is determined to meet our Vision 2025 goals to create opportunities for individuals and dealerships. To learn more information, visit