Get a Productive Start to the New Year with The AED Foundation’s Certified Manager Programs!

For many, the beginning of the year signals a fresh start and a time to set goals for the future. Many people set goals focused on improving their financial situation or growing within their career, which is where The AED Foundation (AEDF) can help industry members. Technicians who aspire to transition into a management role at their dealership can get on the right track with AEDF’s Certified Manager Programs (CMP). 

CMPs are offered by the Foundation virtually, making them a convenient and safe form of online education in today’s world. In addition, Certified Manager Programs do not have strict deadlines to complete the material and allow you to take them at your own pace, making it stress-free to fit them into your busy schedule. Whether you choose to dedicate time to the course on your lunch break or days off, the flexibility of CMPs allows you to complete the work anytime, anywhere.  

AEDF recognizes that each department in a dealership handles different operations. For this reason, the Foundation offers participants to choose from the following five programs, including: 

Earning a certification will help prepare aspiring managers and those new in their position for the next step in their career. These certifications will not only teach valuable management skills, but display your commitment to this new position in the workplace. 

Interested in learning more about Certified Manager Programs? Head to the site page or contact AEDF’s Vice President of Education and Programming Liz McCabe at