How the Construction Career Aptitude Test Can Benefit High School Instructors

The AED Foundation’s (AEDF) Construction Career Aptitude Test is one of the Foundation’s newest students’ resources. This test was designed to help students determine if a career within the equipment industry may be right for them and free to students aged 13-17. With the Construction Career Aptitude Test, junior high and high school students can see how their knowledge compares to other students before committing to a recognized high school program. The Construction Career Aptitude Test determines this by testing students on industry-related topics like general mathematics, basic electrical, measurement, safety and more.  

 It’s no question that AEDF’s aptitude test can be highly beneficial to students planning to enter an industry career, but the test has benefits for instructors as well! Students take the test online through your organization’s login, and results are immediately available. This means that as an instructor, you can analyze student strengths and weaknesses by reviewing their results. The Construction Career Aptitude Test provides instructors with the opportunity to see what general areas their students may be struggling with. Instructors can then utilize this information to make necessary changes to their program.  

Also, instructors can use this test to measure their students’ knowledge on a benchmark. The Construction Career Aptitude Test allows instructors to view a student’s overall results and results by category. Instructors can see how their students’ results compare to the average student taking the test. This offers a tangible way for instructors to understand what topics a student may need to work on for free.  

Students can take the Construction Career Aptitude Test by first creating a free account at with voucher code 6HN8894P. Then, students can take the free, 50-question test at For additional help creating an account, please view the instructional video 

If you have questions regarding the Construction Career Aptitude Test, please contact the Vice President of Education and Programming, Liz McCabe, at