How to Know if The AED Foundation’s CMP is Right for You

By now, you’ve probably heard about The AED Foundation’s (AEDF) Certified Manager Programs (CMP). CMPs are a great way to gain managerial knowledge that can help you to achieve your career goals. Whatever area of the dealership you are interested in, there is a certified manager program designed to teach the department’s skills. The following options are available to those interested in completing the program:  

Before investing in a program, you may be wondering if a CMP is a right choice for you. Some common reasons one may sign up for a Certified Manager Program include…  

  • You’re looking to increase your knowledge in your department. 

This program is not limited to beginners. If you’re looking to improve your management skills or even gain another perspective on key management strategies, this program can help you do just that.  

  • You’re aspiring to become a department (or branch) manager at your dealership.  

If you’ve been considering transitioning into a management role, this program offers everything you need to get familiar with the responsibilities you will take on as a leader at your dealership. Learn about department-specific knowledge and necessary skills essential to running a department effectively, such as people management and financial management.  

  • You’re new to a management role at your dealership.  

If you’ve recently taken on a management role, you may be wondering where to start. This program offers exactly what you need to get acclimated to your new role, down to the department you are managing!   

Don’t count yourself out if you run a busy schedule. CMPs can be completed on your own time, at your own pace. There’s no need to tune in for courses at a specific time of day; you can finish the courses online from your home or office.  

Are you ready to start your journey towards reaching your career goals by becoming a certified manager? Click here to browse your options for the Certified Manager Program!  

Questions about AEDF’s online learning opportunities can be directed to vice president of education and programming, Liz McCabe, at 

A Q & A With Certified Managers: AEDF’s Certified Manager Program

The AED Foundation’s Certified Manager Program (CMP) is an online certification program designed to prepare technicians and industry professionals for a career in a management position at a dealership. Those who are interested in the program can choose from several department-specific programs, including:  

  • Parts Management  
  • Branch Management  
  • Rental Management  
  • Service Management  
  • Sales Management  

Within each program, there are department-specific courses and general courses taken for all certifications. These general courses focus on topics that all department managers deal with, such as finance, people management and sales.  

Are you wondering if this program could be the next step you should take to level up your career goals? See what others who have completed the program have to say about the CMP! In this blog, we hear from the Director of Parts and Service at Marshall Machinery, Jon Hiller (JH), and Senior Service Advisor of Asphalt Care, Chris Fackler (CF). Check out their responses to common questions below!  


What, if any, background do you have in the heavy equipment industry?  

JH: I am new to the field. I have five years’ experience in Heavy equipment. However, I have 25 years’ experience in the Automotive industry. Twenty of those years in management.  

CF: I have been surrounded by the heavy equipment industry my whole life. My father started this company when he was 18, so I have had the unique experience to watch it grow and learn more about it the older I got. It gave me a great appreciation for the industry and the people involved in it.   


What motivated you to start the Foundation’s Certified Manager Programs (CMP)?  

JH: I was looking to progress my new career in the Heavy equipment business. Already being a service manager, there was an opportunity to become the Parts and Service Director at my current dealership. This training helps me make the goal a reality As that is my new position at the dealership.  

CF: AED has always been a tremendous resource for me in the ways of learning and networking. Once I found out about these courses, it was a no brainer. I was looking to continue my education as I grow into new roles within my Company.   


What was the most enjoyable part of the program for you?  

JH: I believe the ability to work at your own pace made it easy to complete AED’s training. I didn’t feel rushed to get the course done. Also that I could work at them from home. That feature was beneficial since my days are usually very busy at the dealership.    

CF: The most enjoyable part of the program was the direct correlation to an equipment dealership. Every example and video were all directly related to what I was doing daily, where as a college course is more generic. I was able to put what I was learning to use right away.   


How do you think your certification and knowledge gained from the program helps you in your career/ will help you move forward?   

JH: I am living proof. I set a goal to obtain that position and look at me now. Your training helped me understand what I had no experience in, that being the ins and outs of the parts world.  

CF: My certification has already helped me in my career as I have changed roles, and it is continuing to do so. I would have been limited in certain areas of our dealership if not for the knowledge and training these courses provided me. I am excited to have the opportunity to continue taking more of these courses moving forward.  


What advice would you give to someone just starting or thinking about signing up for a CMP?  

JH: My advice to someone would be to embrace the opportunity. You have to want it. If you devote the time to the course and focus on the material, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.    

CF: For those who are just starting CMP – take your time and work at a comfortable pace, don’t rush the process. If you work in a dealership, practice what you learn during and after each course section. This program has opened up doors for me, and I can confidently say it will do the same for others.   


How the Construction Career Aptitude Test Can Benefit High School Instructors

The AED Foundation’s (AEDF) Construction Career Aptitude Test is one of the Foundation’s newest students’ resources. This test was designed to help students determine if a career within the equipment industry may be right for them and free to students aged 13-17. With the Construction Career Aptitude Test, junior high and high school students can see how their knowledge compares to other students before committing to a recognized high school program. The Construction Career Aptitude Test determines this by testing students on industry-related topics like general mathematics, basic electrical, measurement, safety and more.  

 It’s no question that AEDF’s aptitude test can be highly beneficial to students planning to enter an industry career, but the test has benefits for instructors as well! Students take the test online through your organization’s login, and results are immediately available. This means that as an instructor, you can analyze student strengths and weaknesses by reviewing their results. The Construction Career Aptitude Test provides instructors with the opportunity to see what general areas their students may be struggling with. Instructors can then utilize this information to make necessary changes to their program.  

Also, instructors can use this test to measure their students’ knowledge on a benchmark. The Construction Career Aptitude Test allows instructors to view a student’s overall results and results by category. Instructors can see how their students’ results compare to the average student taking the test. This offers a tangible way for instructors to understand what topics a student may need to work on for free.  

Students can take the Construction Career Aptitude Test by first creating a free account at with voucher code 6HN8894P. Then, students can take the free, 50-question test at For additional help creating an account, please view the instructional video 

If you have questions regarding the Construction Career Aptitude Test, please contact the Vice President of Education and Programming, Liz McCabe, at

Get a Productive Start to the New Year with The AED Foundation’s Certified Manager Programs!

For many, the beginning of the year signals a fresh start and a time to set goals for the future. Many people set goals focused on improving their financial situation or growing within their career, which is where The AED Foundation (AEDF) can help industry members. Technicians who aspire to transition into a management role at their dealership can get on the right track with AEDF’s Certified Manager Programs (CMP). 

CMPs are offered by the Foundation virtually, making them a convenient and safe form of online education in today’s world. In addition, Certified Manager Programs do not have strict deadlines to complete the material and allow you to take them at your own pace, making it stress-free to fit them into your busy schedule. Whether you choose to dedicate time to the course on your lunch break or days off, the flexibility of CMPs allows you to complete the work anytime, anywhere.  

AEDF recognizes that each department in a dealership handles different operations. For this reason, the Foundation offers participants to choose from the following five programs, including: 

Earning a certification will help prepare aspiring managers and those new in their position for the next step in their career. These certifications will not only teach valuable management skills, but display your commitment to this new position in the workplace. 

Interested in learning more about Certified Manager Programs? Head to the site page or contact AEDF’s Vice President of Education and Programming Liz McCabe at